Have you missed “me”? Whoever that is…

From the diary to the blog (much like this one!), we’ve always been writing to ourselves.

What if we could stretch this to decades, even centuries?

Coming Home tracks the mental and physical journey of an employee who has moved out of her childhood city to start her position at ANIMA – a company attempting whole brain emulation. How did we come across her account? Who else has read the book? What happened with the project?

And, perhaps the most pressing question of all: who really is she?

Choose your own Path

With the AR element of the book, you can choose how the story goes – either by unlocking overlaid pages or puzzles to acquire keywords to unlock different character and plot elements. This allows it to be read as a standalone book or a gamebook of multiple possibilities!



Coming Home consists of

•One book (that can be stand alone)

•One app: Three voices. Each character can be selected at the start of the book (as well as some future surprises), detailing their responses to the physical book and their unique journeys.

The app will be available in iOS and Android.

About Critical Lit Games

Critical Lit Games was born out of a passion of Literature, Videogames, Puzzles, Theatre, Science Fiction and Poetry – the mission is to blend these all together. Think of it like a laboratory of numerous beakers and solutions – some will burst into a new field of creativity (here’s hoping) and some will just not take off at all.